Fee Schedule

Fees collected by Circuit Court of Brooke County, West Virginia

Civil Complaint $200.00
 Additional Civil Filing fee $15.00 per defendant with two or more defendants  
 (ie: one defendant $200: two defendants $230: three defendants $245 and so on  
Petition  $200.00
Foreign,Judgment,expungement,name change,custody,child support,summary proceeding, admin appeal,infant guard, etc.  
Divorce $135.00
Modification $85.00
Expedited Modification $35.00
Guardianship/Conservator  $110.00
Adoption $200.00
Medical Malpractice $280.00
Processing Criminal Bonds $25.00
Bail Piece $10.00
Writ of Suggestion $25.00
Suggestee Executions (wage attachments) $25.00
Writ of Execution $25.00
Service of Complaint/Petition/Suggestee Execution/Suggestion/Writ (Per Service)  
Serve by Personal Service $25.00
Serve by Certified Mail $20.00
Serve by Secretary of State $20.00
Family Court Discs $5.00
Abstracts of Judgment $5.00
Exemplified Copy $3.00 +Cost of Copies
Copies $1.00/page
No personal checks accepted. All payments must be made in cash or by money order.