The Brooke County Clerk provides the official recording of all documents for Brooke County. 


 This is pursuant to HB 2915 part of which is below.

 (h) In addition to the fees charged by the clerk of the county commission under the provisions of §59-1-10 of this code, the clerk shall charge and collect an additional $1 $2 fee for every document containing less than 10 20 pages filed for recording and an additional $1 fee for each additional 10 pages of document filed for recording.

Clerk Fee Schedule (updated 6/30/22)



The County Clerk's office is pleased to announce that we now accept electronic document filings. You can contact one of the three vendors below to get started.

Simplifile at 800-460-5657 or

CSC at 866-652-0111 or


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For any questions regarding the document recording, contact the Brooke County Clerk's office at 304-737-3661